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Poster: Morticia Date: Jun 29, 2008 4:45am
Forum: noisecollector Subject: Longtemps ne parlez pas

Bonjour Monsieur ramasseur de bruit,
To answer your questions:

1) You can say whatever you like and under whatever "nom de fist" that you choose. After all it is your forum. Whether people appreciate what you have to say is another question.

Sarcasm / Irony / Satire are subtle and fragile things. They can easily be misinterpreted and seem to come across as boorish or offensive.

A case study:
In the late seventies there was a band called 'The Sex Pistols' who under the expert and shrewd guidance of Malcom McLaren gave the smug, self-satisfied music and fashion scene a much needed kick up the bottom.
Fast forward to 2008 where Mr. Lydon and some of his cohorts reform as a bunch of smug, self-satisfied middle-aged men (who probably think they are being terribly ironic and satirical) and are totally ignored at the Isle Of Wight festival. People there preferring to watch 'The Sugarbabes' instead.
Irony indeed. How easy it is to become a parody of oneself.

Quite demonstrably so !

I do feel welcome and comfortable here at this little corner of cyberspace. A place where tea is on offer to poor, lost, itinerate and music obsessed wandering souls like me. It is so nice to come somewhere where there is very little of the infantile flaming and other nonsense that happens on some other forums.

I am not totally anti-American either and would even accept coffee. Yes, even instant.
I also think that it is totally fabbo that you create and showcase the music that you so obviously enjoy and feel driven to create. Good for you !

"80" - Yes I do really like it. As usual, your drum and percussion sampling / programming is superb. I especially like the natural feel that your percussion has. I am very fond of the subtle use of percussion.
I like very much the sub Ramones feel that is going on. Most of all (shock horror) there is the beginings of a good tune. Now call me 'Ms Old-fashioned' if you like, but I do like a good melody. It is the starting point of a piece of music.
I also really enjoyed the 'bangra' type bit near the end.
On the down side, I do feel that the vocals could be better.

And finally, please accept the feedback (that you requested) in the spirit is offered. "You should die" and "I cannot sleep to this" indeed ! You should be ashamed of yourself young man.

By the way are you, or have ever been, related to 'Disco Stew' ?

Hugs and things

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jun 29, 2008 6:10pm
Forum: noisecollector Subject: 2012

Thanks for all he feedback, don't know disco stew sorry!

I do know that 2012 is coming and without this song there is no hope...


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Poster: acetboy Date: Jun 29, 2008 7:44pm
Forum: noisecollector Subject: Re: 2012 I'm not ready

Just listened for the first time.
That's a lot to take in.
Have to listen some more then I'll write
a review.


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Poster: infopablo00 Date: Oct 15, 2008 2:16am
Forum: noisecollector Subject: Re: Longtemps ne parlez pas